Tattoo Care





piercing instructions general:

– do not touch the piercing, do not play with it

– do not use sanitary alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, ointments, cosmetics or shampoos on or around the piercing

– do not bathe in the pool or bathtub during healing time

– Avoid dust, animal hair or any other impurities

– expect dried matter around the piercing during the healing, you can remove it with warm water

– it can be washed with saline solution (water with sea salt) and it can be treated with baneocin cream in case of infections

– do not remove the jewelry until the hole is healed

belly button:

– do not wear tight clothes or high-waisted jeans

– don’t try to exercise

– do not use body cream or perfumes

tongue pierce:

– brush your teeth after every meal

– avoid smoking, alcohol or sour drinks

– Avoid spicy food or milk, egg or tomato foods

– avoid hot drinks and food

– do not play with the jewel, you can open it

– the healing period can last from 2 weeks to 2 months